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Scarlett Hood 11/24/11 TONE PRACTICE CONSIDER: And I started to play. It was so beautiful. I was so caught up in how lovely I looked that at first I didn’t worry how I would sound. So it was a surprise to me when I hit the first wrong note and I realized something didn’t sound quite right. And then I hit another and another followed that. A chill started at the top of my head and began to trickle down. Yet I couldn’t stop playing, as though my hands were bewitched. I kept thinking my fingers would adjust themselves back, like a train switching to the right track. I played this strange jumble through two repeats, the sour notes staying with me all the way to the end. --Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club DISCUSS: 1. How does the narrator’s attitude toward her performance change in the passage? She begins in the passage playing wonderfully and flawlessly, but as she continues to play, she begins to play the wrong notes. From the very first wrong note until the end, she is unable to correct her playing. 2.
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