3 translations chart

3 translations chart - Passive sounded pounding couldn't...

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Verbs P or A Diction Detail SIGNET SIGNET SIGNET SIGNET was sounded Passive sounded intermittent penetrated Active blows of a hammer two fingers thick lay Active frost cold ended Active reluctant middle  had begun Passive clanging pitch ceased Active bucket dark looked Active excrement yellow got Active old-timer mittens cast Active sleeve lining old came Active carry Active NOONDAY NOONDAY overslept Active banged ragged got Active hamering muffled assembled Active jangling two fingers thick belonged Passive hut cold earn Passive mounting dark bucket pitch-black NOONDAY NOONDAY call yellow banged Active work parade mittens was muffled Passive lining old died Active stopped Active BAMTAM BAMTAM had gotten
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Unformatted text preview: Passive sounded pounding couldn't hear Passive hammer ringing overslept Active faintly more than an inch thick up Active banging fast knew Active beams cold earn Active hoisting pitch black could stitch Passive tank three roll call yellow BAMTAM BAMTAM lining two was sounded Passive mittens came Active old covered Passive died Active didn't feel Passive stopped Active fell Active didn't know Passive had come Passive couldn't hear Passive slept Active got Active gave Active knew Active could scrounge Passive could sew Passive...
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3 translations chart - Passive sounded pounding couldn't...

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