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Scarlett Hood IMAGERY PRACTICEs CONSIDER: Part of a moon was falling down the west, Blue = visual Dragging the whole sky with it to the hills. Red = auditory Its light poured softly in her lap. She saw it Purple = tactile And spread her apron to it. She put out her hand Among the harp-like morning-glory strings, Taut with the dew from garden bed to eaves, As if she played unheard some tenderness That wrought on him beside her in the night. “Warren,” she said, “he has come home to die: You needn’t be afraid he’ll leave you this time.” --Robert Frost, “The Death of the Hired Man” DISCUSS 1. Mark the visual, auditory, and tactile images in the lines above (either highlighters, or V, A, T)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How does Frost use imagery to prepare the reader for the announcement in lines 9-10? Robert Frost’s imagery of the moon setting behind the hills in lines 1-3 prepares the reader for the theme of death in lines 9 and 10. The moon setting portrays the idea that all life eventually ends and we cannot be afraid of it. APPLY: Write a one-sentence description of some element in a garden or yard. Be certain your sentence contains a visual or tactile image. Share your sentence with a partner. In the early spring morning, dew drips from the silvery, shiny leaves and the bright sun glisten on the rim of the red rose....
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