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Layering essay - overtook the small room of the lively...

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Scarlett Hood B3 Layering Assignment As the clock struck 6 o’clock, I paced back and forth across the floor of the hospital with my dad and sister impatiently walking nurses’ voices echoing across the opposite hall. The nurses ignored our requests of concerning, tiresome words pleading to know the condition of my mother and baby brother in the delivery room of many doctors across the hall as we nervously walked hurriedly weaving through the chairs in the waiting room impatiently with the scent of death and rebirth in the air the happiness in our hearts awaiting the arrival of a new family member; and I recall walking into the hospital room of which I was so curious turning around the corner timidly near approaching motionless speechless quiet as a mouse then excited as breathtaking can be overjoyed and relieved only from heaven above could send us this angel crying with vibrant lungs. Whah! Whah! Whah! From mother’s loving arms around him cries of laughter
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Unformatted text preview: overtook the small room of the lively floor jumping in each other’s open arms and joyful smiles to celebrate the birth of this baby boy perfect in every way with those little fingers and toes for Abi and I Scarlett Hood B3 sisters of Wyatt holding carefully in my fortified arms, and me praying not for myself but for this miracle; even though here in this sinful world, with heaven gleaming from above, the world sparkles with this newfound joy, here in the mist of the morning not yet lighted by the sun that watches gentle warmth within the hospital shining through the windows its radiance peaceful not upon the harshness of night calming nor on the fear of death but joyful for the homecoming of my brother and me smiling electrified with dimples showing, eyes wet and speechless silence as though scared in fear even without reason, and going home a homecoming to remember. Scarlett Hood B3...
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Layering essay - overtook the small room of the lively...

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