Sestina[1] - Scarlett Hood As a Palo Santo tree sets out to...

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Scarlett Hood SESTINA As the world sets out on their journey to explore That which requires many risks, They must remain unaltered with their courage As they daringly try, To complete their expeditions and endure The bitter cold in which they believe. Many people lose their valor in which they believe As they tirelessly and hungrily explore. It is important to have patience and endure, Because the benefit may outweigh the risk. Alas, people try, Hoping for even a single sound to restore their courage. It will always require sacrifice and courage, But it is vital for people to believe, Even though it is known that, there will not be a response, they must learn to try, To explore, To take risks, And continue to endure. Sometimes endurance Does not always require courage. Sometimes the risk Is simply to teach oneself and believe, That exploring Is one’s only chance to try.
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Unformatted text preview: Scarlett Hood As a Palo Santo tree sets out to try, These emblems of the human muteness that help people endure, The more people adapt, learn, and explore. All are completely unprepared for the unknown, and their courage, Coming to terms with risk, Allow for discovery and belief. Adaptation and the search for truth, force people to believe, To try, And no matter the risks, Live to endure. Find within themselves the courage, And the willingness to explore. As human beings learn to adapt and use their courage to explore, they find many places that will require taking risks and challenging the beliefs they hold most dear. In those places that are harder to endure, people must try to teach themselves to express what they believe in and not always expect a certain outcome....
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Sestina[1] - Scarlett Hood As a Palo Santo tree sets out to...

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