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IB ENGLISH II – WEEKLY, ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 1. from Yevtushenko’s Introduction to Signet Edition: Friday, 11-5, Mon 11-8 Discuss the idea that “Khrushchev’s tragic flaw was that he was both a Stalinist and an anti- Stalinist.” Cite a modern political leader who exemplifies this dichotomy and explain. ½ page Khrushchev wanted to be true to his country and support its ruler, which was Stalin at the time. However, Stalin was a very callous and ruthless ruler who cared only about himself and building his empire. He did not care about all the lives, which he took in order to get what he wanted. Fidel Castro, who was the Communist party leader of Cuba until a few months ago,
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Unformatted text preview: operated Cuba as Stalin ruled Russia. For the past five decades, Castro has been the primary ruler of Cuba. He has stolen, murdered, and terrorized Cubans in order to gain power for his own political agenda. Much like Stalin, Castro trusted very few people and cared only about himself and his power to rule over people. Interestingly enough, he, like Stalin had loyal followers who were just as Khrushchev described Stalinist and anti-Stalinist, there were Castro and anti-Castrol followers. Some people need to have strict rules to follow and be terrified into following them as that is the only way they know or understand how to live....
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