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Scarlett Hood IB ENGLISH II – WEEKLY, ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 4. What does Solzhenitsyn mean when he says that a prisoner’s worst enemy is the guy next to him? ½ page commentary/explanation In Russian prison camps, the only person who cared for an individual was himself. The ultimate bad experience was to be sent into isolation, which was referred to as the cooler. In order to stay out of the cooler, one inmate would turn against another. This included fights, arguments, mealtime disruptions, and just about anything going on inside the camps which disturbed the guards. The guards enjoyed trouble of any sort and the prisoner would go into the cooler for just about anything that might make the guard upset.
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Unformatted text preview: The most awful thing inside the prisons is to get into trouble with the guards, the wardens, or any official in charge because the inmate knew where he would be sent. In these camps, many prisoners did not even survive the cooler, which meant very little food, sleeping on the floor, and being very cold. To stay alive and not go insane, an inmate will pretend to like his peers, but in reality, this is only to make himself safer from harm. Inside these Russian camps, the prisoners focused only on two things for survival, which included food and staying out of the cooler. The inmates would do or say just about anything, whether it was true or not, to ensure that they received their share of food and stayed outside of the cooler....
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