the Growth and Development of Piggy

the Growth and Development of Piggy - The Growth and...

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The Growth and Development of Piggy Throughout the novel, “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, Golding leaves implied messages and themes, which thrive throughout the book. Piggy is one of the main characters in this story and the part he plays is a central theme. Piggy is a unique character who believes he understands and knows what is best for everyone, but at the same time does not have enough self confidence to stand-up for what he believes in or for himself and be a leader. Piggy’s growth and development is at odds with each other, as he appears to be learning from his actions and fears at first, and then the next scene acts if he has learned nothing at all showing he is intellectually superior, but physically inferior. In the first couple of pages of the novel, Golding begins describing Piggy, referring him as the “fat boy”. By doing this, the author is stereotyping him and degrading him while at the same time building up the other character, Ralph, as “the fair boy”. By the utilization of these adjectives, the writer is defiling the readers by predetermining their opinions of each character before they are able to make a judgment for themselves. All the while, Ralph is being portrayed as a leader while Piggy is a follower. On page nine, Ralph decides, on his own, to explore the island and take off on his own accord. Piggy tags along wherever Ralph goes signaling to the reader that he cannot be by himself and looks up to Ralph. Instantly, the reader knows Piggy is probably not a leader even though he had a chance to take the lead. Golding continues to describe additional details of Piggy, “That’s right. Can’t catch my breath.
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the Growth and Development of Piggy - The Growth and...

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