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Agriculture has influenced my life in such a unique, unparalleled way. I have lived on a farm with cattle and various other animals my entire life. It has taught me things like responsibility, how far hard work will get you, and time management. I have learned responsibility from taking care of our animals. If I forget to feed the birds and they go hungry for the night, I know that I will be held responsible. Working on a farm can be dangerous when one person is not responsible and acts with no consequences. My chores that I have the responsibility to complete have taught me both time management and the importance of hard
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Unformatted text preview: work. I have learned that every project has different parts that have to work together and do their part of the work to the best of their ability in order for that project to succeed. I plan to be an engineer in the future. My passion to engineering is increased because of my knowledge of what a vital role engineers play in agriculture. They do so many things to better the communities in which we build our lives and families. I will be able to build off the knowledge I acquire at college with the lessons I learned earlier in life because I grew up on a farm. Agriculture has and will forever be embedded within my life....
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