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Please write an essay on why you would like to be an engineer or computer scientist. You can include information on why you believe you would make a difference in the field, and what influenced you to study engineering. Please do not exceed more than 350 words. Please do not describe what engineers do, but rather why you would like to be an engineer. I would like to become an engineer because I want to enjoy what I do in the future and at the same time truly know that the work I am doing will benefit and improve the world. I love math and science and with this profession I am guaranteed that I will be both successful and helping the people around me. I at first wanted to be a doctor for the same reason, but moreover, it was just a child’s dream, because as I soon came to realize, I hate blood and screaming children. The thing that truly inspired me to begin looking toward the math and science path was my 8th grade physical science teacher, Ms. Kingsolver. She encouraged me to become involved with the annual science and engineering fair, so like any
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