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Kennedy Foreign Policy - Kennedy Foreign Policy 35th...

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Kennedy Foreign Policy 35 th president 1961-1963 o When President Kennedy took office in 1961, he immediately faced his first foreign crisis. With U.S. backing, Cuban opponents of leader Fidel Castro launched the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. Castro easily defeated the invasion forces, and Kennedy was criticized for the disaster. Cuba and the Bay of Pigs Invasion o Goals of the Bay of Pigs The United States government was disturbed when Fidel Castro took over Cuba in 1959 and developed ties to the Soviet Union To overthrow Castro, the central intelligence agency (CIA) trained a group of Cubans to invade Cuba President Kennedy approved the resulting Bay of Pigs invasion, which took place on April 17,1061 o Outcome of the Invasion The Bay of Pigs invasion proved to be both a military and diplomatic disaster Airstrikes failed to destroy Cuba’s air force, and Cuban troops were more than a match for the invaders. The United States lost credibility for its clumsy invasion tactics as well as its violation of agreements not to interfere in the Western Hemisphere The Berlin Crisis o Cold War tensions also increased in Germany when the Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall. The wall cut Communist East Berlin off from West Berlin. Kennedy responded by promising to protect West Germany’s freedom.
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Kennedy Foreign Policy - Kennedy Foreign Policy 35th...

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