Letter O - abstract writing on a letter in a concept of life

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A Circular O When I was younger I would always hear adults talk about how life is like a circle. Until now I still don’t fully understand its concept. I believe it has something to do with how life strays from being stable. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, sometimes you’re on the right side and sometimes you’re on the left. Life is a circle; life is an O. Not only is it the15 th letter of the alphabet but it stand for more things. “To designers it's a perfect shape for treatment: a world, a ball, a ring, a sun, a moon, a clock, a compass, a face. It's not even just a letter; it's a number, too – if zero counts as a number. It's a solid sphere or an empty circle.”( John Grace) It’s incredible to think that an O can be so empty, yet symbolizes plenty of significance. In mathematics, O is viewed as a zero. Zero standing by itself means nothing. Added to other numbers, it neither adds nor subtracts to the value of the original. And if it’s multiplied, the numbers will be dragged down to nothingness. However with all of its insignificance if zero is placed to the right of any number it boosts their value; numbers can go beyond infinity. Similar to like how one decision can affect life in many ways. You are given one thing but you can use it
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Letter O - abstract writing on a letter in a concept of life

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