Syllabus - Econ 11A Tu Th 9-12:30pm Jack Baskin 372...

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Econ 11A Instructor: Raj Sengupta Tu Th 9-12:30pm Summer 2009 Jack Baskin 372 UC Santa Cruz Econ 11A: Mathematical Methods for Economists, 1 Course Overview Econ 11A- Mathematical Methods for Economics, I is designed to provide an introduction to differential calculus in one variable and its applications to economics. The course will cover topics from pre-calculus and calculus. We will focus on functions and graphs, limits, derivatives of univariate functions (algebraic as well as exponential and logarithmic functions). Differential calculus itself begins with the mathematical concept of a limit. We use limits to define the important concepts of continuity and differentiability, and we learn to compute the derivatives of the functions that we commonly use to model economic variables, i.e., polynomials, power functions, exponential functions, logarithm functions, and combinations of these functions. Other technical topics include implicit differentiation, Taylor polynomials and Taylor approximation. We will also study the applications of derivatives to important concepts in
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Syllabus - Econ 11A Tu Th 9-12:30pm Jack Baskin 372...

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