syllabus 4720 spring 2011 draft f

syllabus 4720 spring 2011 draft f - MANAGEMENT 4720...

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MANAGEMENT 4720 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Dr. Marshall Schminke University of Central Florida Office College of Business Building 1, Room 310 Phone 407-823-2932 E-Mail Course: [email protected] Faculty: [email protected] Web Page Course: Faculty: Office Hours Monday, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. or by appointment Lecture Location and Time BAI – Room 107; Monday 3:00-4:20. Open attendance. Streaming video of lecture available at: Required text: Recommended: Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter The Wall Street Journal (discounted subscriptions available at: ). Objectives Welcome to MAN 4720, Strategic Management. This is your capstone course, which integrates what you learned during your time here in the College of Business. If you like business, you will really enjoy this class. It
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provides the opportunity for you to showcase a broad range of skills, culminating with the Great Capstone Case Competition at the end of the semester. Our intent is to provide one of the most practical, hands-on classes you’ve taken here at UCF. The course goals are threefold: 1) to familiarize you with the strategic planning side of running a business unit, 2) to integrate the various areas of expertise required to operate a business unit successfully, and 3) to provide an opportunity to practice using these tools in multiple settings. In all, the objective of this course is to adopt a strategic or long-term perspective of organizational effectiveness. The course is deliberately placed near the conclusion of your undergraduate education to provide you an opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills that you have learned in your other classes. Of special note is that the strategic management tools and concepts you’ll learn in this class are applicable to all organizations: large and small, public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit, and domestic and international. As such, you should find the content and skills developed in this class to be immediately useful to you, irrespective of what the next step is on your career path, or what type of organization you’ll be joining. Again, welcome to the class. You’re going to enjoy it! Lecture and Breakout Labs This course is taught in two separate classes, each of which meets once per week: (1) lecture and (2) the breakout lab. In lecture, I will teach you the general frameworks and theories that constitute the strategic management process. Your lab instructor will show you how to apply the theories to real life situations, and will evaluate your work and assign grades. Specific questions about assignments, exams, and grades should be directed
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syllabus 4720 spring 2011 draft f - MANAGEMENT 4720...

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