Multicellular Life - current day cells. After the process...

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Multicellular Life 1 Running Head: Multicellular Life Origin of Multicellular Life By: Tyeshia Moore South University Biology II 11/15/2010
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Multicellular Life 2 Origin of Multicellular Life In the beginning there were unicellular organisms that had all of its main function completed in one cell and all task were completed by the cell it self. A unicellular organism is a cell that is almost always fall in the category of a prokaryote as a bacteria or archaea. As time went on there became a time that the original unicellular cells had to grow and evolve in order to be able to survive in the changing environment of the earth. Because of the new demands on cells on earth the evolution process began and the multicellular life forms had to be created to compensate for the new needs of more
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Unformatted text preview: current day cells. After the process of evolution the creation of the multicellular organism was created which gave organism more specific task which gave room to the creation of more complex organisms. A multicellular cell will be known as a eukaroyte which are much more complex life forms. The multicellular organism will have a specific part to take care of waste, reproduction, feeding, and all other task that are specific for survival. The cells are tightly packed in order to ensure the survival of the multicellular life form. Multicellular Life 3 Sources Digital Bookshelf. (2010). Evolution Connection: The Origin of Life. Retrieved November 15, 2010, from
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Multicellular Life - current day cells. After the process...

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