Managing Organizational Structure

Managing Organizational Structure - Managing Organizational...

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Managing Organizational Structure The Management Process: PLOC Organizing How to use existing resources to implement the plan Arranging jobs to create an efficient task system within the firm Org Structure: Specification of the jobs to be done and how those jobs relate to one another How About Some Jobs… ? Job design : process by which managers decide on how to divide tasks Job simplification: process of reducing number of jobs each employees performs Job enlargement: increasing the number of tasks performed by an employee Job enrichment: increases degree of responsibility over job Principles of organizing Laurence Urwick, When you sit down to structure a business 10 principles Specialization Coordination Authority Responsibility Definition Parity of authority and responsibility Span of management Balance Continuity Homeostasis- people want to self correct to survive Types of departments Function: Marketing, finance, accounting and hr Product: Chev, Pontiac, Buick Geography: NESW Customer : corporate, individual, government Matrix Team Structure Groups people and resources by function and by product
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Managing Organizational Structure - Managing Organizational...

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