ManagingHR - Managing HR Managing the qualities and...

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Unformatted text preview: Managing HR Managing the qualities and quantities of employees is an important business function. Managing a diverse HR team can give a company a competitive edge in a cut throat global marketplace. The Nature of HR Management HRM is all the activities involved in determining an orgs HR needs, as well as acquiring, training, and compensating people to fill those needs. HRM importance has increased over the past few decades because of managers having a better understanding. HR is changing. Employees less concerned about pay more concerned about satisfaction. Now it is more diverse. HR managers must be aware of these changes and make best productivities of their employees. Planning for HR needs After determining how many employees and what skills are needed to satisfy the overall plans, HR ascertains how many employees the company currently has and how many will be on leave/retiring during the planning period. With this info, the HR manager can forecast how many more employees the company needs to hire and what qualifications they must have. HRM planning requires forecasting the availability of peeps in the work force who will have necessary qualifications to meet the org future needs. The HR manager must then develop a strategy for satisfying the org HR needs. Next, managers analyze the jobs within the org so that they can match the HR to the available assignments. Job analysis is used by managers to develop job descriptions and specifications. CHRP. HRPAO. Recruiting and Selecting New Employees After forecasting the firms HR needs and comparing them to existing HR, the HR manager should have a general idea of how management can then recruit and select employees who are qualified to fill specific job openings. Recruiting Internal/External sources. Headhunters lure qualified people away from other companies. Selection The application The interview Testing Reference Checking Legal Issues in Recruiting and Selecting Each province and territory, and feds have HR laws. Employment Equity Act 1987....
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ManagingHR - Managing HR Managing the qualities and...

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