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Groups and Teams Paper By: Yaminah Munns April 18, 2011
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Groups A group is made of two or more people that feed off of one another through a social type. This is a group, or any group that is based on a list of factors. An instrumental group is one that has certain projects to complete. An example in the workplace would be a group is made as a committee to send a recommendation to the managers. The reason to be in a group like this is to make the workplace better, like a resume is to enhance so that you can stand out to the supervisors. A social group is also a type of group. A social group is not likely to form in the workplace, an example would be a golf club or a fraternity or any special interest that many people share. This group enjoy social interaction, making friends, sharing ideas on many issues. A group is people sharing a number of factors. Like, in the workplace, a group can be those that work different shifts like graveyard. A group can be people in management, it can be one individual from each department to form a group. A not business setting group would be women that are members of a
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Groups_and_Teams_Paper[1] - Groups and Teams Paper By...

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