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µ § Chelsea K. Martin How We Die Chapter New Visions 2008 In Dr. Nuland’s chapter, Murder & Serenity, he discusses those very things. Instead of describing how a person might die from a specific disease he talks about the actual process of death, a person in their final moments. He also describes “Near Death Experiences” and what may cause them. In the beginning of the chapter Dr. Nuland starts off with a factual description of death, how it happens, what changes the body goes through, and the difference between clinically dead and legally dead. When a person is about to die there are a number of things that happen to the body. The sequence of events that take place in the body is as follows, hemorrhage, exsanguinations, cardiac arrest, agonal moments, clinical death and finally “irretrievable mortality.” Exsanguination is the word doctors use for the term
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bleeding out. You can bleed out when you have a direct laceration of a major blood vessel or a laceration of a particularly vascular organ in your body. Cardiac arrest is the biggest killer. We need oxygen to live and once the heart stops pumping, organs get deprived of oxygen and start to die off. The brain is usually the first to go. In fact, the cerebral cortex is the first part of the brain to fail but lower parts of the brain, like the brain stem, try to hold on a little bit longer. On the other hand, some organs can survive hours after death without oxygen due to their anaerobic respiration processes. The liver is
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How We Die Book COver - Chelsea K Martin New Visions 2008...

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