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Chelsea K. Martin Project SAVE New Visions March 2008 1.) Whistle Blower Protection is a law saying that you can’t get in trouble to telling one someone else basically. Employees may not be punished in any way for reporting something such as a violent act and they are protected from any civil liabilities. 2.) All new school employees and those who are getting teacher certification must be fingerprinted and pass their background check in order to would at the place they apply. Current employees may be grandfathered in. 3.) Silent Resignations refers to the fact that employees are not allowed to resign from their job then disclose allegations of child abuse. Class E felony against the
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Unformatted text preview: superintendent who allows this to happen. 4.) Protective factors are more like expectations set down by teachers and such that keep kids in a good line and keep them behaving well. Risk factors are all the bad things that might be surround the child that would cause the child to do/ continue doing bad things. 5.) Warning Signs of Suicide: Previous suicide attemps, saying good-bye to everyone, giving away important possessions, & hinting about not being around in the future. 6.) A code of conduct is a way for the school to lay down the laws and expectations so that students can stay safe and act in a reasonable way....
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