Shackled Doctor- NV 2008

Shackled Doctor- NV 2008 - Chelsea Martin New Visions...

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Chelsea Martin Shackled Doctor New Visions May 2008 Part Two: I like Dr. Collin’s style of writing in general. Besides the fact that his book is poorly edited it really described the life of a doctor and the troubles they go through. I like that his book is all conversation. I would much rather read a book where people interact with each other than a book where one person goes on and on describing the color of an unimportant object or something like that. Ryan Collin’s vulgar language is also quite believable for a doctor in a large university hospital. Doctors are often stressed out and use profanity as a vent for the most part. Usually doctors don’t resort to killing each other like Sean did to Lyons. The same concept applies to the crude jokes that the doctors tell or use to make fun of each other. The hospital can be such a depressing place sometimes and the doctors have to keep it light somehow since they are there night and day. Most parts of Shackled Doctor were interesting but there were some boring points when Sean was talking about the health care system. Sean’s greatest flaw as a character was that he got stuck on issues. He just couldn’t let some things go and he couldn’t accept them, like the health care issues. Because of this flaw he went on and on for pages
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Shackled Doctor- NV 2008 - Chelsea Martin New Visions...

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