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Chelsea Martin Six Sigma Reflection New Visions June 2008 The Six Sigma program is more or less a strategy that businesses can use to improve their company. It focuses mainly on evaluating current processes and figuring out/ planning out how to fix those processes. Quality management methods and statistical methods are used to identify and eliminate the causes of defects/ errors that a business may have. Six Sigma is common knowledge to most people and its concepts really only apply to large companies like a manufacturing businesses that make millions of items a year. Our trainer in Six Sigma insists that we could/ should use the process in our every day lives but in reality, it is not worth the time to sit down and write everything out for the thousands of small tasks we do each day. Six Sigma is most practical to use when you need to figure out how you can have less defected products. Six Sigma really helps you organize your process and pinpoint where your problems are. From Six Sigma, I learned that there is a specific way to go about solving a
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