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vaccination notes presentation sheet - Chelsea Martin...

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Chelsea Martin Slide #3: talk about where you got the idea for the paper and how there has been much news coverage on the topic of mmr Slide #4: History- a theory that milkmaids who were exposed to cowpox (a minor disease) wouldn’t ever contract smallpox (a fetal disease). He tested his theory on an 8- year-old boy. First he injected matter from a milkmaid who had cowpox into the cut on the small b oy’s arm. Forty-eight days later Jenner exposed the boy to smallpox. The boy had no reaction to the smallpox virus therefore creating the first vaccine. --“filterable viruses.” Slide #4: structure of virus- they need a host cell, viruses cannot generate or tore energy b.c they lack ribosomes and must use the ribosomes of the host cell to translate viral messenger RNA into viral proteins. Otherwise outside of the host the virus can’t live for long. Slide #5: what they do- read the slide, if they did survive, then their body would have built up immunity and the person would never get the same disease again. Read Slide, this is how modern vaccines work, they produce the same “natural” effect that your body
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vaccination notes presentation sheet - Chelsea Martin...

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