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Chelsea K. Martin 260363694 AEBI 120 Bio Lab Sept. 16, 2010 Library Lab 1.) A- Mosquito: A fly type insect from the family Cullicidae, suborder Nematocera. Is a long legged with a slender body type. Has a long proboscis that can penetrate the skin of many animals and suck their blood. B- “mosquitos n.” The Concise Oxford English Dictionary. 12 th Edition. Catherine Soanes and Angus Stevenson. Oxford University Press. McGill University. 16 Sept 2010. < subviews=main&entry=123.e36568 C- I believe this to be a good source because Oxford’s English Dictionary has been around for almost a century. It is always being reedited as new information and words are being discovered. This is the most recent edition therefore having thee most accurate definition of what a mosquito is. 2.) A- World Health Organization. 1982. Manual on environmental management for mosquito control: with special emphasis on malaria vectors. Albany, NY. Geneva: World Health Organization. This book is found at the Life Sciences Library. Call #: QX600M2941982. One Copy. Although this book is a bit outdated it seems to have good general information about the
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Library Lab - Chelsea K. Martin Sept. 16, 2010 260363694...

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