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prolyl hydroxylase Part One- background intro of scurvy and william stark. How it came about, how it was discovered. How the Canadian native Americans helped sailors (from Cartier’s ship?) get better… how it was named. . who discovered what… how people experimented with trials and gave people sulfuric acid etc. Part Two- Ascorbic Acids chemical properties. . explain how it is water soluable and how it acts as an antioxidant in the body… etc Explain exactly what scurvy is. What happens to your body when you get scurvy etc
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Unformatted text preview: Part Three- Explain how vitamin c keeps you healthy and how a good diet helps you. In what foods can you find a high levels on vitamin c? how vitamin c is a cofactor for prolyl hydroxylase in the production of collagen. How the enzyme, prolyl hydroxylase, works and etc Part Four- new research on vitamin c or scurvy. Look into how vitamin c may help prevent cancers and other diseases… etc. http://injectablevitaminc.com/images/Ch10.pdf...
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