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JAVA PROGRAMMING ONE CHAPTER ONE Software controls computers (often referred to as hardware). JAVA is one of today’s most popular software development languages. JAVA was developed by Sun Microsystems. JAVA is a fully object-oriented language with strong support for proper software engineering techniques. A COMPUTER is a device capable of performing computations and making logical decisions at speeds millions, and even billions of times faster than human beings can. Computer process data under the control of sets of instructions called PROGRAMS. HARDWARE : Are devices that comprise a Computer system. (Keyboard, Screen, Disks, Memory and Processing units) SOFTWARE : Are the Computer Programs that run on a Computer. 1. INPUT UNIT : Is the receiving section of the computer. It obtains information (data) from various input devices like keyboard, mouse and disks. 2. OUTPUT UNIT : It takes information processed by the computer and places it on various output devices to make the information available for use outside the computer. (eg. Printer, Speaker, Disks, etc). 3. MEMORY UNIT : It retains information that has been entered through the input unit so that the information may be made immediately available for processing when it is needed. The memory is either called memory, primary memory or RAM (Random Access Memory). 4. ALU : It is responsible for performing calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and making decisions. 5. CPU : It is the computer’s coordinator & is responsible for supervising the operations of the other sections.
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6. SECONDARY STORAGE UNIT : Is the long term warehousing section of the computer. Programs or data not being used by other units are normally placed here. Single User batch processing : The computer runs a single program at a time while processing data in groups or batches. Multiprogramming : This involves the simultaneous operation of many jobs on the computers. The computer shares its resources among the jobs competing for its attention. Timesharing : is a special case of multiprogramming in which users access the computer through terminals, typically devices with keyboards & screens. - An advantage of time sharing is that the user receives almost immediate responses to requests rather than having to wait long periods for results as with previous modes of computing. In 1977, Apple Computers popularized the phenomenon of personal computing. In 1981, IBM introduced the IBM Personal Computer, Almost overnight, personal computing became legitimate in business, industry and government organizations. Programmers write instructions in various programming languages. Some directly understandable by the computer and others require intermediate translation steps. C and C++ have become the programming languages of choice for writing
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