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Webb's answer key - Your Name: ___Webbs Answer Key_____...

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Unformatted text preview: Your Name: ___Webbs Answer Key_____ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question (2 points each). 1) Thread-like pseudopodia that can perform phagocytosis are generally characteristic of which group? A) radiolarians B) parabasalids C) stramenopiles D) oomycetes E) fungi 2) Lichens are symbiotic associations of fungi and A) mosses. B) cyanobacteria. C) green algae. D) either A or B E) either B or C 3) For this pair of items, choose the option that best describes their relationship. (A) the thickness of the cell wall of sclerenchyma (B) the thickness of the cell wall of parenchyma A) Item (A) does not have cell walls while (B) does. B) Item (A) is greater than item (B). C) Item (A) is exactly or very approximately equal to item (B). D) Item (A) is less than item (B). E) Item (A) has cells walls and item (B) does not. 4) Based on what you have learned, which of the following best explains why someone who has had a herpesvirus-mediated cold sore or genital sore is getting flare-ups for the rest of life? A) copies of the herpesvirus genome permanently maintained in host genome B) co-infection with an unrelated virus that causes the same symptoms C) copies of the herpesvirus genome permanently maintained in host cell cytoplasm D) re-infection by the same herpesvirus strain E) re-infection by a closely related herpesvirus of a different strain 5) A plant developed a mineral deficiency after being treated with a fungicide. What is the most probable cause of the deficiency? A) Mineral receptor proteins in the plant membrane were not functioning. B) Part of the mycorrhizae was killed. C) The genes for the synthesis of transport proteins were destroyed. D) Proton pumps reversed the membrane potential. E) Active transport of minerals was inhibited. 1 Your Name: ___Webbs Answer Key_____ 6) You open your refrigerator after a long week of studying, and discover that you do not have any food that has not spoiled. Further inspection determines that all of your bread is covered by hairy green-grey growths. What do you think is the most likely source of these growths? A) Growth of airborne spores into fungal hyphae B) Fungal contamination from your hands C) Fungal contamination from the bread manufacturer D) Bacterial contamination from your hands E) growth of bacterial spores 7) In most fungi, karyogamy does not immediately follow plasmogamy, which consequently A) is strong support for the claim that fungi are not truly eukaryotic. B) results in multiple diploid nuclei per cell. C) means that sexual reproduction can occur in specialized structures. D) allows fungi to reproduce asexually most of the time....
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Webb's answer key - Your Name: ___Webbs Answer Key_____...

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