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ME 481 Mechanical Engineering Design Project Fall 2011 Course Guidelines Course Description – Students apply the concepts of engineering design and problem solving learned in ME 380 to an individual design project of their own choosing, working either on their own or as part of a student team. Each student is individually supervised by a faculty advisor who helps the student set goals for the project, monitors progress, provides resources and guidance during the analysis, and grades the final report and presentations. Contact Information Prof. Peter Teertstra – Course Coordinator E5 2105, x35610, [email protected] Prof. N. Chandrashekar – Biomechanics Option Coordinator E3 2115, x38048, [email protected] Grades – The course grade will be based on two presentations, a final report, and student effort and achievement throughout the term using the following weighting scheme Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Presentation: 10% Final Design Review (FDR) Presentation: 20% Final Report: 40% Effort, Creativity, Organization, Achieved Goals 30% The presentation grades will be assigned based on an average of the marks recorded by your faculty advisor, the course coordinator and an external reviewer. The final report and effort, creativity, organization, etc. grades will be assigned by the faculty advisor at the end of the term. Schedule Organizational meeting Tues., Sept. 13, 11:30AM CPH 3679 Project registration form due Fri., Sept. 16, 4:00PM E5 3106 (Lynn’s office) Sign up for presentation times Thurs. – Fri., Sept. 22 – 23 E5 3106 PDR presentations Mon. – Fri., Oct. 3 – 7 E3 4117 Deadline for FDR time changes Fri., Nov. 11, 4:00PM UW ACE / email FDR presentations Mon. – Fri., Nov. 21 – 25 E3 4117 Final report due Mon., Dec. 5, 4:00PM E5 3106 Project Registration – During the first week of the term you must select a project, find a faculty advisor, and submit the project registration form. The following items should be kept in mind when you are choosing your project: Students may select one of the projects described on the UW ACE website or choose to develop their own group or individual project. Group projects are permitted; however, each student is expected to work on a distinct part of the overall project with its own clearly defined goals and objectives.
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Industry based collaborative projects are welcome. However, if the project involves confidential or proprietary information please discuss with the course coordinator before submitting the registration form. All projects must be supervised by a faculty member from the one of the UW Engineering departments. Non
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ME_481_Guidelines_Fa - , team.Eachs

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