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Unformatted text preview: 1 ME 435 - INDUSTRIAL METALLURGY COURSE OUTLINE Fall 2011 Instructor: R. Clemmer Course Objective: To introduce the common types of metal alloys, how the properties of these alloys may be manipulated, and selecting an appropriate alloy for a given application. Recommended Text: F.C. Campbell, “Elements of Metallurgy and Engineering Alloys,” ASM International, 2008 ______________________________________________________________________________ Anticipated Course Topics: Alloy Strengthening Mechanisms (Ch. 3, 8, 9) Aluminum Alloys (Ch. 26) - Production - Casting (Ch. 7) - Wrought & Cast Alloys Ferrous Alloys - Iron-Carbon System (Ch. 10) - Plain Carbon Steels (Ch. 19) - Heat Treatment of Steels (Ch. 11) - Alloy Steels (Ch. 20) - Hardenability (Ch. 11) - Surface Hardening of Steels (Ch. 21) - Stainless Steels (Ch. 23) - Tool Steels (Ch. 22) - Cast Irons (Ch. 24) Other Non-Ferrous Alloys - Copper Alloys (Ch. 25) - Magnesium Alloys (Ch. 27) - Nickel Alloys (Ch. 29) 2 SOME USEFUL REFERENCES: Available in the DC Library: 1. D.S. Clark, W.R. Varney, Physical Metallurgy for Engineers, D. Van Nostrand Co. Inc., New York, 1968. 2. Heat Treater’s Guide: Standard Practices and Procedures for Steels , ASM, Metals Park, OH, 1982. 3. G. Krauss, Steels: Heat Treatment and Processing Principles, ASM Metals park, OH, 1990. 4. William F. Smith, Structure and Properties of Engineering Alloys, 2 nd ed., McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Toronto, 1993 OTHER USEFUL REFERENCES: These may be found in Norval Wilhelm’s office (E3-2119D) or in the DC library. 5. Metals Handbook, 10 th Edition, Volume 1, Properties and Selection: Irons and Steels, and High Performance Alloys , ASM, Metals Park, OH, 1990....
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This note was uploaded on 09/12/2011 for the course ME 435 taught by Professor Rclemmer during the Fall '11 term at Waterloo.

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ME_435_Outline-F11 - 1 ME 435 - INDUSTRIAL METALLURGY...

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