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FLUID MECHANICS II Assignment 6 Question 1: Problem 7.6 Note: the boundary layer shape factor is H = δ * θ Question 2: Problem 7.10 Determine τ W ( x ), δ ( x ) and the drag coefficient C D (=Drag/(1/2 ρ V 2 *width*Length)) vs. Re L . Question 3: Problem 7.7 Question 4: Problem 7.16 Question 5: Problem 7.23
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Unformatted text preview: Question 6: Problem 7.45 Question 7: Problem 7.46 Use Fig.7.6 p468. Question 8: Problem 7.84 Question 9: Problem 7.110 Make a rough estimate by using average velocity etc., i.e. do not set up as an o.d.e. type problem. Use SI units....
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