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newassign7w08v2 - Question 9 The data below describes a...

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FLUID MECHANICS II Assignment 7 Question 1: Problem 9.11 Use Table A.4 in Appendix. Question 2: A weak pressure wave (sound wave) with a pressure change Δ p = 40 Pa propagates through air at 20 C and 1 atm. Estimate (a) the density change, (b) the temperature change, and (c) the velocity change across the wave. Question 3: Problem 9.20 Assume isentropic flow. Question 4: Problem 9.27 Question 5: Oxygen flows in a duct of diameter of 5 cm. At one section, T 0 = 300 C, p= 120 kPa, and ˙ m = 0.4 kg/s. Estimate, at this section, (a)V, (b) Ma, and (c) ρ 0 . Question 6: Problem 9.56 Question 7: Repeat Prob. P9.56 except this time let the odd coincidence be that the static pressure downstream of the shock exactly equals the throat pressure. What is the area where the shock stands? Question 8: Problem 9.73
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Unformatted text preview: Question 9: The data below describes a large, solid fuel rocket similar to the two booster rockets used for the space shuttle. From the information given, estimate a) the gas exit velocity and thrust force produced at sea level where P atm = 100 kPa (i.e. thrust at lift-off). b) the total mass that this rocket could accelerate vertically with acceleration g, ignoring air drag. Propellant mass = 500,000 kg; burn time = 130 s; combustion temperature = 3000 ◦ C . Assume constant ˙ m versus time during the burn. Nozzle throat diameter = 1.15 m; exit diameter = 3.5 m. The fuel is mainly ammonium perchlorate and aluminium is a polymer binder. Assume the exhaust is an isentropic perfect gas flow with k = 1.4 and R is unknown (i.e. not air)....
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newassign7w08v2 - Question 9 The data below describes a...

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