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ME360 Winter 2011 Tutorial #4 1-3. Modeling, Dynamic System Representations and Time Response A flatbed truck carrying a load of cargo is modeled as shown in the following figure. a) How many equations of motion are there? b) Find the equations of motion. c) Convert the equations of motion into the Laplace domain. d) Find a transfer function relating the position of the cargo relative to the truck to the applied force.
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Unformatted text preview: ie., find ) ( ) ( ) ( s F s Y s X − . For the rest of the questions, M 1 = 3, M 2 = 1, B 1 = 7.876, B 2 = 4.0310, and K = 68.5630, and f(t) = 1, a step input. e) What is the characteristic equation? f) Given that s = -2 is one of the poles, what are the poles of the system? g) Find the response to the step input . h) Comment on what you would expect the output to be....
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