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T7 - inner loop such that the%overshoot m p is 5 and the...

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ME360 Winter 2011 Tutorial #7 4. PID controller design When a robot contacts its environment, both position and force control are used, as shown in the block diagram below. Position control is done on the outer loop and force control is achieved with an inner loop. In this case, the force control is impedance control; impedance control relates the force to the velocity (and position) of the robot. 1) Design a feedback compensator for the force control (the
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Unformatted text preview: inner loop) such that the %overshoot ( m p ) is 5% and the rise time ( t r ) is 0.5 second. 2) Design the position control such that there is no overshoot, the settling time ( t s ) is 0.9 second and the steady-state position error ( e ss ) in response to a step is zero. + _ + _ ? ±² ( ³ ): Position controller –> outer-loop controller ? ±´ ( ³ ): Force controller -> inner-loop controller Fig. 1 Assembly robot (Courtesy of FANUC Inc. Japan)...
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