DB 5 - Corporate culture is made up of the sum of the...

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“Corporate culture is made up of the sum of the personalities of those people who are selected, promoted, and rewarded in an organization” (Schuler, 2003). “Company culture is the value and practices shared by the members of the group; therefore are the shared values and practices of the company’s employees” ( www.about.com ). Notice in both of these quotes that there is a common denominator; employees. Employees are the most influenced and at the same influence corporate culture. Both variables are correlated and have a direct relationship with each other. As an executive you are a mediator than can allow this relationship to deteriorate or improve. Therefore executives have powerful effects on the corporate culture. Looking from the bottom up employees are looking at senior level and execs to see what their actions and behaviors are. The behavior of an organization will be based on the decisions that an exec will make. Decisions are emulated by employees based on what they observe from upper level management. Enron is a common company referred to when it comes to corporate scandal. If senior management were making ethical decisions would their employees make the same decisions? Employees at Enron made unethical decisions based on what they observed. Controversial and questionable decisions were being made and validated by the actions of senior
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DB 5 - Corporate culture is made up of the sum of the...

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