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EEL 4767C HWK #5 1. Write a program that inputs from the keyboard 8 ASCII “0”s and “1”s and stores the 8 bit number in the A register as a byte. Your program should check that only a 0 and 1 has been pressed and it should ignore all other keys pressed. 2. Write a program that outputs an eight bit number in the A register as an 8 bit number of “0”s or “1”s. 3. Write a program that checks memory between $4000 and $5000. Your program should first write a $00 and then compare if this value was written correctly. Next, your program then should write a $01, $02 and up to $FF into these locations each time comparing if the correct value was written. Your program should print the address followed by the text 'Error' if an error occurs else if no error occurred it should print the address and a period "." . Each address should followed by a linefeed and a carriage
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Unformatted text preview: return. 4. Consider the following table made of 5 ASCII letters plus a 16-bit address. Write a program that inputs 5 ASCII characters and stores these characters at the location labeled INPUT. Next, your program should compare these five ASCII l characters to the 5 characters stored in each element of the table given below. If there is a match, then your program should print to the screen the 4 hex values following the 5 characters that match the input ASCII characters. Use the HEX2OUT ROUTINE twice (HEX4OUT) to print the 4 hex digits. If there is not match then you program should print the message no match and go back waiting for a new input. Table FCC HELLO FDB $2000 FCC WORLD FDB $2010 FCC TODAY FDB $2020 FCC SEVEN FDB $2030 FCC SINGLE FDB $2040 INPUT RMB 5...
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