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EEL 4767 Lab Grading Policy 1. In this lab students will work in groups (a group of 2 members ). 2. Groups will be formed on the first day of the lab. Students MUST maintain this group throughout the semester for this lab. 3. Each group will be assigned a board during the first lab. The group will use the same board for the whole semester. 4. One group may write ONLY ONE REPORT per lab but each member must submit his/her own lab report. 5. Each lab will be completed in 1, 2 or 3 weeks. The EXACT DURATION of a lab will be decided by the lab instructor prior to the lab. 6. ALL members of a group must be present during the lab experiments and must participate in the lab assignments ACTIVELY . 7. Your lab grade will be based on your involvement, understanding, lab work as well as lab report.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Students can NOT skip or change the labs. SPECIAL PERMISSION must be taken from the LAB INSTRUCTOR to do so. Otherwise, total marks for that scheduled lab will be DEDUCTED from that student's earned points so far in this lab. 9. Students must follow the SAMPLE REPORT format for submission of lab report. 10. Each lab will be graded out of 100 . 11.Each lab report must be submitted before or on the scheduled deadline. Otherwise marks will be deducted. 12. Lab reports will be due before the start of next lab. e.g., the deadline for submission of lab reports for Monday’s sections will be Monday unless changed by the lab instructor. If required, Lab policy will be modified and will depend solely on the lab instructor....
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