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eel4767samplereport - • You must follow the template •...

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EEL 4767 LAB # Section: _______ Name : _______________________ _________________________PID: _____________ Name : _______________________ _________________________PID: _____________ Objectives: Resources: Procedure: Source Code (.asm code with proper comments): ...Write your .asm code here. .. .lst code (optional): …Write your .lst code here as obtained from the experiment… Screen shot of output: …Provide your screen shot of output here… Note:
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Unformatted text preview: • You must follow the template. • You must explain the results and screenshots. • Once you complete your report, please review it to ensure that it has enough information to complete the experiment as well as explanation of all presented results. A good report is the one that has enough information for you to be able to complete the lab without any external help; apart from presenting the results clearly ....
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