Case 1 - Industry analysis EMBA spring 2011

Case 1 - Industry analysis EMBA spring 2011 - Industry...

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Industry Analysis (Case 1) Paper Instructions Due Date: See syllabus Purpose : Each team will select an industry to study. You will conduct an industry analysis (also called a competitive analysis) of your assigned industry, and collectively write a paper reporting your results. This paper will require that you apply the concepts that you have learned in the course. This assignment will enable you to learn how to research and analyze the external and competitive nature of an industry. It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of an industry before a firm can develop strategic plans to obtain competitive advantages. Basic Attributes of Your Report: The best reports are the result of a lot of research. There is a direct correlation between quality of research and grades. To do extremely well, your report should demonstrate evidence of: Significant secondary research. Integration of course concepts. Written in plain English and demonstrating understanding that clarifies and distills the problems and opportunities competitors in the industry are facing. Precise business writing skills. The best reports also summarize what you have learned from your research. A great report demonstrates a thorough understanding of the industry and the ability to: Comprehend –Paraphrase or interpret the information in one’s own words. Analyze – Break down the information gathered during your research into parts, and show interrelationships. Synthesize – Bring together parts of knowledge from various sources to form the report. Evaluate – Make judgments based on the information researched. Research Overview : Do not procrastinate! Start your research as soon as you have chosen your industry. Begin by just learning as much about the industry as you can – but avoid trying to fill in the information required for the report as long as you can. This may be frustrating, as there is a tendency to look for specific information for one section of your report during your research, but you will rarely find such information in a single source. Information you are seeking includes industry trends, past growth rate and future growth projections, target market wants and needs. Also look for typical products/services offered by competitors, client/customer demographic descriptions, pricing, location, promotional methods, distribution methods, customer service reputation, quality track record, etc. Learn how industry competitors operate. Suggested Approach to Research: Here is how you might start your research: 1. Determine your NAICS code. This will increase the efficiency of your research. If you cannot identify the NAICS code, then try using a SIC code instead. 2.
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Case 1 - Industry analysis EMBA spring 2011 - Industry...

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