Case 2 - Strategic analysis EMBA spring 2011

Case 2 - Strategic analysis EMBA spring 2011 - Strategic...

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Strategic Analysis (Case 2) Paper Instructions Due Date: See syllabus Overall Objective: To analyze Target’s current operations and provide strategic recommendations to the board of directors for how to create and sustain a new competitive advantage. The recommendations should be creative, should leverage Target’s current strengths (and/or address its most pronounced weaknesses), and must be supported with sound financial justification. The specific strategic challenge to be addressed will be announced soon. Introduction (up to 1 page) : Executive Summary Please provide an executive summary in the front of the report outlining in a concise manner the most critical aspects of your analyses. Your executive summary should identify your most critical findings and then highlight key components of your strategic recommendation. Consider your audience here – based on your research for Target and the industry, what does the CEO or Chairman of the Board most want/need to know? Part 1 (2-4 pages) : Identify Target’s current mission and analyze its current strategy In less than one page, identify Target’s mission. Consider all of the parts of Target when you reflect on the vision and mission statement. Don’t just copy the vision and mission statements from a document or website. Rather, frame them in your own words and discuss whether or not Target is actually following the statements. With the remaining pages in this section, identify Target’s current operations specific to their strategy. (Note: Depending on the strategic challenge you are assigned, this may involve all aspects of Target’s operations, or a narrower slice (e.g., electronics, pharmacy, groceries).) This section should provide a sound understanding of what Target does. After reading this section the board of directors of Target should feel confident that your team understands where they operate, how they differentiate themselves, and how they make money. Your analysis of how Target makes money should be as insightful as possible. The best analysis will consider Target’s net income over a historical time period, not just a snapshot of one revenue period. Further, the analysis will consider the environmental dynamics that Target
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Case 2 - Strategic analysis EMBA spring 2011 - Strategic...

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