Sales Force Management (MAR 3403)-Fall-2011 Syllabus-REVISED on 8-29-11

Sales Force Management (MAR 3403)-Fall-2011 Syllabus-REVISED on 8-29-11

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MAR 3403 SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT Three [3] Credit Hours Fall 2011 THURSDAYS—6:00 PM to 8:50 PM Classroom: BA2-208 Office Hours : Thursdays from 5-6 pm (by appointment only) Office: BA2-307E Office Phone: (407) 823-1410 Cell: (407) 619-3697 e-mail: Final Exam: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2011—7:00 PM to 9:50 PM Prerequisite: MAR 3023 with a grade of “C” or better Required Textbooks Sales Management (1 st ed.) by Tanner, Honeycutt & Erffmeyer [ISBN: 0-13-232312-1-Pearson/Prentice Hall] The Sales Manager’s Mentor (2 nd ed.) by Jeff Lehman [ISBN:0976899906-Mentor Press] Exam Materials: Raspberry scantron forms with #2 Pencil Course Description An overview of the sales management process. Emphasis on sales program formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Course Objectives This course places a focus on the five areas which are keys to a successful sales force: 1) Enlightened management 2) Leadership 3) Mentoring 4) Innovation 5) Technology We will discuss important global and ethical issues for the contemporary 21 st century sales teams. Effective management requires a solid understanding of the activities being managed. Sales management involves three interrelated processes : 1) Formulation of the sales program. 2) Implementation of the sales program. 3) Evaluation and control of the sales program. 1
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Course Session Format Class sessions will feature discussions, lectures, outside guest speakers, video presentations, written and oral case analyses, in-class group/individual communications exercises and presentations. Some of the materials presented in class will supplement assigned text readings. With all of the activities and supplemental material planned for class time, it will not be possible for lectures to give comprehensive coverage of material from the text. Consequently, it is important that class members carefully read the assigned chapters before class in order to be prepared for discussion, in-class exercises and occasional unannounced quizzes. There will be 3 exams during the semester. Each exam will have multiple choice and/or true or false questions, and short answer questions. Exams will cover material from class lectures, discussions, guest speakers, in-class assignments, as well as assigned readings. The exams will be constructed to reward students who consistently attend class, complete the assignments, and take full responsibility for their learning of the material. Exams are non-cumulative. Each exam will cover the chapters or readings noted in the syllabus. Students with a valid absence excuse prior to the exam may request a make-up exam that must be scheduled and completed within one week (7 calendar days) of the closing date of the exam. The validity of an excuse will be determined at the discretion of the instructor. There will be 3 quizzes during the semester on the Value Proposition, Mentor textbook, and the Harvard
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Sales Force Management (MAR 3403)-Fall-2011 Syllabus-REVISED on 8-29-11

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