Reading Assignment 9-14-2011

Reading Assignment 9-14-2011 - Orthopedics background and...

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Sales Management, MKTG 311-001, Fall 2011 Reading Assignment for  Wednesday, September 14, 2011 From the textbook:  Management of a Sales Force , 12 th  Edition, Spiro, Stanton and Rich: Chapter Four begins Part Two. We move past the fundamentals of sales management and  personal selling into the specifics of organizing a sales force. The chapters in Part Two  will build on the earlier fundamentals and begin to explore specific organizational issues,  specifically those in the human resources area.  Chapter Four:  Sales Force Organization  may present you with unfamiliar ideas. You will  need to consider how to create an organization. As you read the chapter, please keep the  earlier chapters in mind. This focus will help you pick up the essential ideas.  Once you’ve completed the main chapter reading, please examine the Dasher 
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Unformatted text preview: Orthopedics background and problem, on pages 104 and 105. Most chapters include a problem Ms. Sprunger will face, and we’ll explore the implications of the chapters’ contents using these problems. Please prepare for discussion of the question on page 105. I would also like you to review “An Ethical Dilemma” on page 108. We will examine the Dilemma using a background in ethics I’ll provide with the additional insights you’ll be gaining on sales management. We will also discuss the Interview Guide for the project. This is a reminder that there will be an exam on Part One. Be sure to bring a Scantron form, pencil and paper. Also, class will begin at 5:00 so you may attend Welcome Fest....
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Reading Assignment 9-14-2011 - Orthopedics background and...

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