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MKTG471-002-F11 Dr. Ning Li 1 Marketing Management MKTG 471-002, Fall 2011 (Innovation Hall, 135, 7:20-10pm, Mondays) Professor: Dr. Ning Li Office Hours: Monday 5:00-6:00 pm & by appointment Email: [email protected] Office: 133 Enterprise Hall, Fairfax campus Phone: (703) 993-1227 Course Description In this course, we will explore the role of marketing in the global market, approaches to building customer relationships, and tools to better understand customers and competitors. We will study how to make decisions regarding the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution). Course Objectives This course addresses the following Learning Goals of the School of Management: 1. Our students will be competent in their discipline. Emphases will be placed on improving your understanding of the real world environment and better preparing you for a career in business. You will be encouraged to apply your existing marketing knowledge to real world business situations and issues. You are exposed to situations where it is necessary to integrate the various components of marketing into a cohesive marketing strategy. Discipline competence will be measured in this course using exams, composition of an integrated marketing plan, in-class exercises, team case presentations, homework assignments and class participation. 2. Our students will be aware of the uses of technology in business. This course requires students to send and receive e-mail, access and navigate the Blackboard learning system, access and view streaming media, including web-based PowerPoint slides, conduct on-line research, and create Word, PowerPoint, and video project documents. 3. Our students will be effective communicators . This course requires all students to demonstrate their writing and speaking skills by composing and presenting a marketing plan using Word, PowerPoint, and videos. Students will also be graded on their oral case presentations and class participation. 4. Our students will have an interdisciplinary perspective. This course draws upon many other disciplines including economics, psychology, sociology, public policy and regulation, law, accounting, finance, information systems, management and statistics. Examinations will include other areas as appropriate. 5. Our students will be knowledgeable about global business and trade . The course content explores domestic and international marketing issues. The international portion is embedded in virtually every chapter and in many cases. The class project involves analysis and comparison of two real world companies’ international marketing strategy and practices. 6. Our students will recognize the importance of ethical decisions . Ethical decision-making is examined in a dedicated class session (including a Harvard Business School
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MKTG471-SYL - MKTG471-002-F11 Dr. Ning Li Marketing...

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