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Cuckoo'sNest - S tudy Guide for Class F ilms One Flew Over...

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Study Guide for Class Films “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” 1. Who was the director? Director- Milos Forman 2. Who was the screenwriter? Screenwriter- Lawrence Hauben 3. Who was the cinematographer? Cinematographer- Haskell Wexler 4. What year was the film released? Release- 1975 5. Where and when was the film set? Oregon in 1963 6. What were some examples of effective or innovative cinematography in the film? Many of the shots of Miss Ratched are taken as a close up or even an extreme close up to emphasize her sternness and dominance over the men . i.e. During group therapy, or after the scene with Billy and Candy. 7. What were some of the major actions or events in the film? McMurphy uses Chief to climb off of the grounds and he drives the bus off before any workers are there. They all board a boat and are met at the dock by policemen. After Billy kills himself
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McMurphy has had enough and he springs at Miss Ratched and unsuccessfully tries to strangle her.
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