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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide for Class Films “Platoon” 1. Who was the director? Director- Oliver Stone 2. Who was the screenwriter? Screenwriter- Oliver Stone 3. Who was the cinematographer? Cinematographer- Robert Richardson 4. What year was the film released? Release- 1986 5.Where and when was the film set? Cambodia the Vietnam War with Bravo Company, 25 th Infantry Division 6. What were some examples of effective or innovative cinematography in the film? The extreme close ups on Charlie Sheen’s face during his night post when the Vietcong were ambushing them. It really showed the intensity of the situation definitely since this was new to him. 7. What were some of the major actions or events in the film? Chris’ first night watch when they are ambushed by the Vietcong. When the helicopters are leaving the area Sgt. Elias is running away and Chris knows that Sgt. Barnes intentionally killed Sgt. Elias. Chris snaps and goes on a killing rampage right before a large explosion. In the morning he finds Sgt. Barnes injured and large explosion....
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PlatoonStudyGuide - Study Guide for Class Films...

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