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A & P J1 - As these girls shop up and down the wrong...

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Taylor2 Professor Bealer English 285 September 3, 2008 A & P John Updike’s A & P is a wonderfully written short story set in a beach town inside a small grocery store. The protagonist in the story, Sammy, is a teenager who works at a local grocery store as a cashier. He observes different people all day coming in and out of the A & P grocery store but three girls in particular catch his eye. The author John Updike makes Sammy out to be a boring everyday worker who plans to work as a cashier at A & P for a very long time with no thought of quitting. Updike makes this clear as he mentions the monotony and repetitiveness of this every day job. He does this to set up a surprising ending for the story. So, as Sammy is working the cash register on this ordinary day, three girls catch his eye as they are shopping in the grocery store.
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Unformatted text preview: As these girls shop up and down the wrong rows, they also fail to wear the proper clothing Taylor2 into the store. This does not only attract Sammy’s attention, but it also attracts the manager’s attention. As these girls try and check out, the manager tells them that they need to dress decently but he will let them slide this time. As the girls leave the store Sammy decides that he wants to quit because of how rude the manager was to them. Although he regrets it, he feels like it is something he needs to do. Is it heroic? Possibly depending on how you interpret Sammy’s actions. It is very heroic in the sense that he stood for something and he did not change his mind or back down. Those are definitely signs of a true hero but the instance in which he did it is very unconventional....
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A & P J1 - As these girls shop up and down the wrong...

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