American Tongues

American Tongues - to be the blandest in culture dialect...

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American Tongues American Tongues is a documentary regarding the differences in language, dialogue, and accents of English speaking American citizens. Like many languages, English is spoken in several different variations throughout the United States. These discrepancies are the product of differences in geography, race, gender, and numerous other things. These discrepancies are what make linguistics such a fascinating issue. American Tongues generates countless examples of unique dialects found in different regions throughout the United States. Of these regions, mountain areas and east coast islands are home of the most distinctive vernacular. While watching the video it was especially hard understanding the expressions and phrases spoken by these individuals. Of all of the regions that share the English language, the Midwest area is known
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Unformatted text preview: to be the blandest in culture, dialect, and lifestyle. Midwesterners are recognized as the possessors of the most boring and basic dialect of English. It is unfortunate that with their bland dialect comes a stigma of a bland lifestyle. This is also true when looking closely at southern dialects. Others look at Southerners as ignorant and racist because of their dialect and the way in which they speak. It is unfortunate that such stereotypes can be brought on just because of the way a person converses. In conclusion, American Tongues takes an interesting look at the different dialects of individuals and the discrepancies in their race, background, and way of life. It is fascinating to study some of the more unique English dialects and how they were formed and what lies for them in the future....
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American Tongues - to be the blandest in culture dialect...

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