The Human Language

The Human Language - The power of language is ceaseless and...

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English 389 January 21, 2009 Assignment #2 The Human Language Watching part 1 of the movie series, The Human Language, allowed viewers to better understand and appreciate the components of linguistics. Many people go throughout their everyday lives without caring at all about language. Not thinking, just speaking. What is language? How is it so simple? Those are the types of questions that everyday people should ponder upon. The human language is fascinating and it is taken for granted everyday. The possibilities of the human language are endless. A person can produce forty sounds and an average person knows forty thousand words. With that said, the amount of sentences a person can speak are infinite. This may seem impossible but with every new experience, a new thought is created by it. Words are fairly solid things like atoms that become building blocks for whatever you want.
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Unformatted text preview: The power of language is ceaseless and it shapes everything that we do. Unlike animals, humans are able to think abstractly because of language. Once again, it seems evident that humans take that for granted as well. In contrast to most others, Noam Chomsky fully loves and appreciates the workings of the human language. Chomsky single handedly changed the whole outlook on language and moved linguists away from investigating sentences and into exploring deeper components of the human language. The Human Language taught us to quit looking at the tip of the iceberg and to start digging deeper into the workings of what we speak. There is so much more out there to learn and experience. If the amount of sentences spoken is endless, then so is the knowledge about them. So dig deeper and learn all you can....
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The Human Language - The power of language is ceaseless and...

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