Lab Report 3

Lab Report 3 - Experiment #3 Pressure, Volume, &...

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Ryan Henry Section 523 Lab Partner: Charlotte McCoy Summary: The purpose of this experiment was to observe the relationships that exist among the pressure, volume, and temperature of a sample of gas. In this experiment, we use a syringe connected to a pressure sensor and LoggerPro software to collect data for Volume vs Pressure and display this data on a graph. Then, we use a unique setup using the pressure sensor, a temperature probe, and a 125mL Erlenmeyer flask inside of a 600mL beaker. We heated up the beaker so that it was close to boiling and took the pressure measurement, then cooled the water with ice and took a few more data points until we reached 0 ° C. We also displayed this data using a graph in LoggerPro. Results: Volume (mL) Pressure (kPa) k-value 5 182.42 912.1 7 146.01 1022.1 9 114.86 1033.7 11 94.80 1042.8 13 82.21 1068.7 15 71.69 1075.4 17 63.63 1081.7 Calculations: I did 2 different kinds of calculations for this experiment:
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Lab Report 3 - Experiment #3 Pressure, Volume, &...

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