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Soft Innovation 1

Soft Innovation 1 - you are ready to comfortably enjoy...

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Ryan Henry Soft Innovation #1 7/11/11 Wireless Earbud Headphones Problem : While listening to music on your mp3, iPod, CD player, etc, often times your headphones get tangled up and/or annoying to deal with. Previous wireless earbuds are connected to each other and bulky. Solution : I came up with an improvement to the idea of wireless earbud headphones. I realize that they have wireless headphones already but they are mainly used for radio and are usually bulky and oversized. These wireless earbuds are very small and fit easily inside one’s ear. These earbuds easily connect to the music device via Bluetooth. Simply connect the earbuds through the devices Bluetooth settings and slip on the earbuds and
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Unformatted text preview: you are ready to comfortably enjoy music anytime, anywhere. These specific earbuds are very small in size and are not attached to each other. They come with a carrying case so you do not lose them. These headphones also provide premium sound quality. Though they are the size of a peanut they can displace optimum audio experiences. They are very comparable to some of the top of the line over-the-ear headphones available today. However at a tenth of the size, you can simply slip these in your pocket when you’re ready to go....
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