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Microcool Problem : We need a way to make warm things that we eat and/or consume cold quickly (kind of like how a microwave makes things warm quickly). Solution : I have developed the idea of a device that I would like to call the “Microcool”. This device works in a very similar fashion to that of a microwave. However, rather than making the item hot, this device makes it cold. This development should go a long way in clearing up tons of room in the refrigerator and be a very convenient tool to have when wanting to chill a beverage (or any other item) fast. The first question that most likely comes to mind and the most difficult question
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Unformatted text preview: to answer on this topic is how are we going to make this possible. There are two ways that could work to make this device a reality. The first way involves slowing down the atoms by placing an atom at the junction of multiple beams to slow its momentum in all directions, decreasing its energy and cooling it. The second method involves the use of liquid nitrogen, obviously a harder way to go about it because you must maintain safety and decontamination while developing such a device. It should be noted that only doing experimentation will actually give us the correct way to go about designing this device....
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